2003. Vol. 1., Issue 1. – Free download, all articles (pdf)

Hungarian articles with English abstract


A. Barczi, K. Penksza: Foreword

P. Stefanovits: About soil-plant relations


Original articles

P. Csorba: Possibilities to express the monetary value of the landscape value

Sz. Csató, G. Mezősi: Relevant research issues in geoecology

D. Lóczy: On the evaluation of microstructures in agricultural landscape patterns

G. Várallyay : Assessment of environmental susceptibility/vulnerability of soils

E. B. Székely: About the aspects of Water management in nature and landscape Conservation

B. Nováky: Hydrological bases of ecological water supply in the water system Határ-ér of Bodrogzug

C. Centeri, A. Császár: The connection of soil formation and erosion induced soil loss on the Tihany Peninsula

K. Joó: Researches on kurgans (the vegetation of Csípő-mound)

P. Sümegi, P. Daniel, P. Kovács-Pálffy, I. Juhász, T. Deli, Zs. Szántó: Geohistory of Bátorliget Marsh


Conference reviews

K. Penksza: Student forum of the Doctoral School of Environmental Sciences (Gödöllő, January 28-29. 2003. – in Hungarian)