2003. Vol. 1., Issue 1. – Free download, all articles (pdf)

Hungarian articles with English abstract

Original articles


A. Tóth: About the importance of the definition of the landscape

A. Gógán, Cs. Kiss, D. Szegő, J. Dimény: Trends and possibilities of the European and Hungarian truffle cultivation in the alternative agriculture. European techniques, Hungarian initiatives

I. K. Bárány: Investigations of landscape structure and landscape change on karstic area

L. Kuti, B. Kerék: Environmental and agroecological research on the sandy area of the Danube-Tisza hilly region

Á. Mjazovszky, J. Tamás, P. Csontos: Characteristic herbaceous vegetation types from wet habitats of the Váli-víz valley, Hungary

C. Centeri, R. Pataki: Importance of determining Hungarian soil erodibility values in connection with the soil loss tolerance values

T. Tobisch, P. Csontos, K. Rédei, E. Führer: Comparisons of black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia L.) stands based on the herb-layer vegetation

I. Fazekas, P. Csorba: The role of landscape conservation in the Létavértes Mosonta-kert


Conference review

E. Kovácsné Gyenes: Summary about the introduction day of the Dept. of Landscape Ecology