2004. Vol. 2., Issue 1. – Free download, all articles (pdf)

Hungarian articles with English abstract


D. Bartha: Wirkung det Landschaftsnutzung auf die Wälder und auf die ihrer standorte in der Wart (Őrség) (Hungarian article with German abstract)

L. Bodonczi: possibilities for natural regeneration of scots pine woods and establishing a long term trial in Őrség National Park (Western Hungary)

G. Loksa: Modification of agrometerological measuring and forecasting activities in the view of the presently changed agricultural system

J. Skutai: Developing an information and controlling system for Environmentally Sensitive Areas

N. Németh: The role of reed communities in the landscape and their utilisation in wastewater treatment

Á. Malatinszky: Connections between botanical heritage and landscape management forms in the Putnok Hills

Z. Tóth, E. Szurdoki: Detailed vegetation mapping in the Belső-Őrség region (Western Hungary)

R. Arndtné Lőrinci, D. Kristóf:  Development of Land use system applying environmentally beneficial farming methods in the periphery of Bonyhád

A. Koltay: Investigations on environmental changes in enclosures for keeping wild boars

E. Falusi, K. V. Sipos, K. Penksza, A. Kohler: Quantitative survey on the aquatic vegetation of Friedberger Ach and Sós-ér water systems