2004. Vol. 2., Issue 2. – Free download, all articles (pdf)

Hungarian articles with English abstract


Z. Karancsi: Importance of the landscape aesthetics

G. Loksa: Meteorology in service for landscape ecology

Á. Pottyondy: The boundary of nature protection – Zambian studies

S. Kállai: Overview and ecological inundation plan of the Tóvár Lanscape Protection District


Original articles

Á. Csiszár: New seed bank records for species of the Hungarian flora

I. Cseresnyés, P. Csontos: Analysis of fire-risk conditions in Pinus nigra stands by using McArthur’s model

J. Pál: Investigation of the weed vegetation at the Varga organic farm in Püspökhatvan

Z. K. Szabó, M. Papp, K. Penksza, A. Nyakasi: Comparative morphological studies of Poa pratensis aggregation along wet gradient on sandy habitat

M. Szabó, G. Timár, H. Győri: The formation and evolution of the Csicsó oxbow lake (Žitny Ostrov, Slovakia) – Land use and wetland habitat changes

Z. Angyal, M. Szabó, D. Karatson: Odd landscape elements: slag heaps in the region of Salgótarján (North Hungary)

C. Szalkay, V. Schlanger: The effects of climate change on developing of freshwater scarcity and conflicts in Hungary

Z. Tóth: History and current status of haymeadows along the stream Kerca: a case study for the scientific foundation of nature conservation Treatments

M. Vona, K. Penksza: Change of the vegetation on the Kántor Kurgan and its relation with the soil water regime

P. Gyenizse: Land evaluation for agricultural use of landscape units with different endowments using GIS (Examples from SE-Transdanubia)

Z. Bajor: The bird population of Tétényi-plateau in 2003-2004