2005. Vol. 3., Issue 1. – Free download, all articles (pdf)

Hungarian articles with English abstract

Overview articles

D. Surányi: Landscape forming role of the fruit nurseries in old Hungary

A. Dúll, Z. Dósa: Natural environment – an environmental psichological approach


Original articles

I. R. Báthoryné Nagy: Landscape preservational aspects of small creek management

P. Csima, A. Gergely, G. Kiss: Land use and landscape. Value protection in the Hollókő world heritage site and its surroundings

K. Gyarmati: Generation and development of landscape structures on traditionally cultivated small parcel vineyards

A. Halbritter, J. Tamás, A. Anton, N. Uzinger: Microelement content studies in soils of dolomite grasslands and Austrian pine plantations

E. Herczeg, Á. Pottyondy, K. Penksza: Coenological investigations on grasslands managed by different cultivation methods in the South-Eastern part of the Hungarian Great Plain

L. Kuti, B. Kerék, T. Tóth: Agrogeological characterization of the plain and hilly regions of Hungary

F. Tinya, Z. Tóth: The vegetation of the Bátorliget mire reserve and its changes in the last 15 years

C. Centeri, A. Császár: The effects of surface cover on phosphorous distribution over the slope

B. Duray, Z. Hegedűs: Complex (functional and structural) landscape ecology research in the border area of the Dél-Alföld Region

G. Várallyay: Agro ecology – landscape ecology

G. Jakab, Z. Szalai: Erodibility measurements in the Tetves catchment using rainfall simulator