2006. Vol. 04., Issue 2. – Free download, all articles (pdf)

Hungarian articles with English abstract


Overview articles

E. Falusi, K. Penksza: Vegetation survey method in running waters connected with the EU Water Framework Directive

E. K. Cserkelye: Ecological problems of the water system of the grove of Vác and the possibilities of the rehabilitation

M. Komárominé Kucsák, E. Bardóczyné Székely: Refinement of the method of landscape ecology monitoring by demonstrating field-work at Gödöllő-Isaszeg lake system at Rákos stream (methodological matters)


Original articles

I. Cseresnyés, P. Csontos: Change in drought conditions of Pinus nigra stands in Hungary

K. Keresztessy: Fishfaunistic research in Rákos rivulet and in four lakes

V. Grónás, C. Centeri, J. Magyari, M. Belényesi: Effects of introduction of the agri-environmental farming programs on the land use and protection of natural values on the designated sample sites

E. Tanács, I. Keveiné Bárány: Possibilities of using a tree height map derived from a Digital surface model in a karst area

V. Blanka, T. Kiss: Effect of riparian vegetation on Floodplain development: Case study on river Maros (biogeomorphology)

V. G. Oroszi, T. Kiss: Landuse changes on the floodplain of river Maros since the 19th century

Z. Illyés, E. Tóth, G. Magos, Z. Tóth: Myriophyllum brasiliense Camb., an aquarium plant in natural waters in Hungary

A. Koltay: Changes of forest healthbased on data of forest health monitoring systems

T. Kiss, Á. Malatinszky, K. Penksza: Comparative coenological examinations on pastures of the Great Hungarian Plain I. (Horse and cattle pasture near Hódmezővásárhely)

D. Boecker, G. Turcsányi, B. M. Möseler: Floristisch-vegetationskundliche Untersuchung der Moorwiese bei Galgahévíz zur Erstellung eines Biotoppflegeplanes

M. Biró: Reconstructions of historical vegetation by the method of „teachingmaps

Á. Balogh, K. Penksza, G. Benécsné Bárdi: Experiments for immunization of Asclepias syriaca infected turfs

L. Dávid, Z. Baros, Z. Szilágyi: Dimensions and environmental problems of sport tourism

M. Vona, K. Penksza, D. Kristóf, T. Helfrich, C. Centeri: Change of land cover based on the analyses of aerial photographs in the peaty meadow of Galgahévíz

T. Fórián: Causes and characters of the land use change on the Csobánc-hill

C. Centeri, F. Gyulai: The beginning of nature conservation history concerning the designation of protected areas


Conference reviews

C. Centeri: Talajtani vándorgyűlés. 2006 augusztus 26-28. Sopron, Bio-Sport Hotel Lővér

C. Centeri: Summary about the COST 634 workshop on farm level adoption of soil and water conservation measures and policy implications in Europe

C. Centeri: III. Magyar Földrajzi Konferencia.

C. Centeri: A 18. talajtani világkongresszus.

M. Vona: Összefoglaló a 14. Nemzetközi Tájökológiai Szimpóziumról (Szlovákia)

A. Kiss: Media Naturae.