2007. Vol. 05., Issue 1. – Free download, all articles (pdf)

Hungarian articles with English abstract


Original articles

V. Kiszel, Á. Malatinszky: Im memoriam Breuer László (Sumi) (1965–2006)

C. Centeri, F. Gyulai, K. Penksza: The beggining of nature conservation history concerning the designation of protected areas

Á. Malatinszky: Methodological issues for composing the botanical programme of camps on knowledge of nature

D. Saláta, M. Szabó, Á. Kenéz, Á. Malatinszky, L. Breuer†: Data to the landscape history of the wooded pasture between Pénzesgyôr and Hárskút

M. Szabó, Á. Kenéz, D. Saláta, Á. Malatinszky, K. Penksza, L. Breuer†: Botanical studies with aims on nature conservation and grassland management on the wooded pasture between Pénzesgyôr and Hárskút

Á. Kenéz, M. Szabó, D. Saláta, Á. Malatinszky, L. Szemán, K. Penksza, L. Breuer†: Pasture management plan aiming nature conservation for the protection of the wooded pasture between Pénzesgyôr and Hárskút

T. Ambrus: A study of land utilisational and region developmental questiones in Székelyföld

K. Balázs: Success of agri-environment schemes in conserving biodiversity: review of mid-term evaluation reports of selected Member States on the rural development regulation

F. Hock, Z. Tóth: Veränderung der Vegetation des dunabogdányer Wildgartens zwischen 1783 und 2006.

Á. Pető: Introducing the phytolith analysis: A suitable method in palaeoecology and landscape ecology

A. Nagy, K. Penksza: Habitat map and possibilities for evaluation on Environmental management and nature conservation of Vésztô-Mágor nature reserve

P. Csontos: Relict seed bank of dolomite grasslands in the soil of Pinus nigra plantations

A. Tóth, Z. Szalai: Landscape ecological and landscape typological Investigations on the Tetves catchment

N. Görcs, B. M. Benyovszky, A. Barczi, M. Vona, Á. Malatinszky, K. Penksza: Data to the soils and vegetation change caused by horse grazing on the pastures of Nagymező, Bükk mountains

A. Kovács, P. Batáry, A. Báldi: The influence of landscape context on flora and arthropod fauna of winter cereal fields

S. Erdős, T. Szép, A. Báldi, K. Nagy: The effects of farmland Composition and heterogeneity on the density of three farmland bird species in Hungary

K. Schneller, L. Podmaniczky: The KIPA method for the assessment of land suitability


Conference reviews

K. Penksza: Student Forum of the PhD. School of Environmental Sciences

Á. Pető: A brief summary on the 6th international meeting

G. Jordán, P. Szilassi, A. Van Rompaey, G. Csillag: Lessons learnt from historical land use changes? Application of the WATEM/SEDEM erosion model to the Kali basin, Balaton Highlands, Hungary

F. Kovács, J. Rakonczai, J. Szatmári: Surveying of bench erosion on the Great Hungarian Plain

C. Centeri, D. Kristóf, T. Bucsi: Examination of the erosion on the Lyukas kurgan with the USLE model

P. Hegymegi, T. Szegi, B. Szeder: Planning of a European level erosion monitoring system in the ENVASSO project

G. Jakab: Gully erosion on the Tetves cathment

K. Hegedűs, Z. Karancsi, G. Horváth: Erosional researches in a sandstone gully in the Medves region