2007. Vol. 5., Issue 2. – Free download, all articles (pdf)

Hungarian articles with English abstract


Review articles

K. Demény: General description of the Gödöllő Hillside

V. Hegedűs: Correlation between the national urbanized areas and the recreational spaces

K. Penksza, F. Gyulai, C. Centeri: The history of nature conservation between 1934-1939 (designation of nature conservation areas)


Original articles

P. Csontos, I. Isépy, J. Tamás, L. Lőkös: Co-existence

G. Máté: Land conservation and “traditional” land usage at a village in Mecsek Mountains

S. Szabó, Á. Hangyel, C. Ágoston: Examination of cadmium uptake of rye-grass (Lolium perenne) in small pot experiment

Z. Zboray: Examination of the forest growth with GIS and photogrammetry methods on karst areas

Á. Tirászi, É. Konkolyné Gyúró: Landscape ecological aspects of local environmental programmes social sustainability

B. Kulin, A. György, G. Zsigó, L. Szemán: Turf maintenance with Gardena pusreel and rotational mowers

N. Ouanphanivanh, Z. Illyés, S. Rudnóy, Z. Bratek: Orchid mycorrhyza fungal diversity of Orchis militaris habitats

G. Mészáros, C. Vadadi-Fülöp, Z. Udvari, L. Hufnagel: Analysis of spatial and temporal changes of the zooplankton fauna in the Ráckeve-Soroksár Danuba arm

M. Barnáné Belényesi, L. Podmaniczky: Delineation of High Nature Value areas in Hungary

A. Nagy, Á. Malatinszky, I. Pándi, D. Kristóf, K. Penksza: Development of habitat groups for comparisons at landscape level I.

I. Puskás, A. Farsang: Classification of urban soils, differentiation of their antropogenic diagnostic properties on the example of soils in Szeged

G. Loksa: Water-course sections – microclimate sections


Conferences and other materials

M. Jolánkai: Environmental consequences of sustainability (in Hungarian)

J. Tasi: 4th Hungarian Nature Conservation Conference (in Hungarian)

M. Vona: International scientific symposium on management of durable rural development (Timisoara, Romania) (in Hungarian)

K. Balázs: International researches at the Department of Environmental Economics, Szent István University

C. Centeri: International Conference – COST 634 Action Program (in English and in Hungarian)