2008. Vol. 6., Issue 3. – Free download, all articles (pdf)

Hungarian articles with English abstract


Original articles

S. Bartha: New methods of fine resolution vegetation analyses applicable for landscape-scale surveys and monitoring

P. Csontos, H. Simkó: Germination studies on Erysimum odoratum Ehrh. (Brassicaceae) in Hungary

D. Surányi: The „magyar kajszi” apricot as patriotic and love labor II. (a historic pomological study)

L. Pintér, L. Bizikova, K. Kutics, A. Vári: Developing a system of sustainability indicators for the Lake Balaton region

N. Evelpidou, A.Vassilopoulos, D. Leonidopoulou, S. Poulos: An investigation of the coastal erosion causes in Samos Island, Eastern Aegean Sea

J. Pápai, K. Krausz: Landscape ecological study of the Orthopteran insects in the southern Mezőföld

B. Deák, P. Török, I. Kapocsi, L. Lontay, E. Vida, O. Valkó, S. Lengyel, B. Tóthmérész: Restoration of alcalic and steppe grasslands in arable fields with low diversity seed mixtures – a case study at the Hortobágy National Park (Egyek-Pusztakócs)

Z. Molnár, A. Gergely: Habitat changes in the Körtvélyes Island, Hungary

K. Demény: Suburbanizational processes of the Gödöllő Hillside

C. Centeri, F. Gyulai, K. Penksza: The history of nature conservation concerning the designation of protected areas between 1946 and 1950

L. Szegedi, L. Szabó, E. Fodorné Fehér: Study of microelement content of brown forest soil of „Mátrafoot” region in load longterm field experiments

G. Loksa: Analysis of the soil-bank-microclimate relation in an open mining area in the Mátraalja

J. Bölöni, Z. Molnár, E. Illyés, A. Kun: A new vegetation based habitat classification and manual for standardized habitat mapping

M. Harcsa, L. Szemán: Association analyses of grassland composing plant species based on ecological claims

D. Szalai: Some characteristics of organic apiaries in Hungary

O. Csapó, B. Jávor: The attitude situation of the environmental law on the Hungarian universities