2009. Vol. 07., Issue 1. – Free download, all articles (pdf)

Hungarian articles with English abstract


Review articles

E. Falusi, A. Tóth: Polarized light pollution, a current environmental pollution

K. Penksza, S. Szentes, J. Tasi: Conservationist grassland management, grassland values and evaluations

Á. Pető: A short historical overview of plant opal studies: from discovery to modern applications


Original articles

T. Ambrus: The Gyepű as cultural landscape type in Székelyföld

K. Bakos, P. Gamba: Perspectives of hyperspectral data application for vegetation studies

E. K. Csereklye: Alterations of landscape constituent and usage with respect of environmental influences

T. Vámos, I. Bárány-Kevei: Connection between habitats and groundwater in the Pusztaszer Landscape Protection Area

G. Zsákovics, F. Kovács, A. Kiss: Complex analysis of an aridification endangered area: case study from the Danube-Tisza interfluve

D. Tajthy, D. Hosame E. A. F. Bayoumi Hamuda, K. Zsuga, J. Pekli: Biological monitoring water quality of Zagyva River by means of zooplankton

Sz. Szabó, P. Csorba: Possible methodology for the selection of landscape metrics

J. T. Novák, B. Csontos: Changes of soil and vegetation characteristics caused by landscape rehabilitation earthworks on alkaline grasslands

J. T. Novák, I. Nyilas, Cs. Tóth: Preliminary studies on landscape ecological structure of fragmented loess grasslands on the Zsolca mounds (Felsőzsolca, Hungary)

C. Centeri, Á. Pottyondy: The history of nature conservation between 1951 and 1955 (designation of protected areas)

A. Barczi, Cs. Tóth, A. Tóth, Á. Pető: Survey of the biotical and abiotical landscape factors of the Bán-halom kurgan and its surrounding territory

A. Kruse, B. Paulowitz, H. Kruckenberg: Requirements for the management of protected areas according to the UNESCO World Heritage Convention and IUCN categories

D. Saláta: Facts to the landscape history of the Öreg-Bakony Mountains

B. Novaky: Climate change, its effects and actions in the light of the fourth assessment report of the IPCC

H. Simkó, P. Csontos: Soil seed banks of Robinia pseudoacacia and Gleditsia triacanthos in city parks of Budapest, Hungary