2009. Vol. 7., Issue 2. – Free download, all articles (pdf)

Hungarian articles with English abstract


D. Štefunková, M. Dobrovodská: Preserved European cultural heritage is agrarian landscape of Slovakia

B. Vrbaski, S. Krnjetin: Problems associated with the preparation of strategic environmental impact assessment of plans

Hosam E.A.F. Bayoumi Hamuda, E. Orosz, Yasmin Hamuda, N. Tóth, M. Kecskés: Vicia fabaRhizobium leguminosarum system symbiotic relationship under stress of soil pH and aluminium

Sz. Szentes, B. Wichmann, J. Házi, J. Tasi, K. Penksza: Botanical and forage managed investigation on the Hungarian grey cattle pasture near Badacsonytördemic

M. Blahó: Polarization characteristics and attraction efficiency of conventional canopy traps and a new trap based on tabanid polarotaxis

Sz. Ádám, K. Penksza, Á. Malatinszky, P. Csontos: The formation and landscape history of the Koppánymonostor island

E. Pénzes: Applicability of turism impact assessment method

J. Házi, A. Nagy, Sz. Szentes, J. Tamás, K. Penksza: Classification of Calamagrostis epigeios (L.) Roth dominated wet and dry grasslands in Biharugra

D. Saláta, S. Horváth, A. Varga: Laws regulating grazing in forests, use of grazed forests and wood pastures in Hungary between 1791 and 1961

M. Bajnok, K. Buchgraber, Sz. Szentes, J. Tasi: Effects of the frequency of grassland utilisation on the composition of vegetation in different grasslands

M. Harcsa, L. Szemán, K. Penksza: Succession process of seeding grasslands after the abandonment of intensive management

S. Tatár, Cs. Sándor, M. Ercsényi, L. Milutinovits: Land-use history studies in the northwestern part of the great Hungarian plain

T. Helfrich: Naturschutzfachliche und touristis badeutungen der niederwalder in Rheinland-pfalz

M. Takács, Á. Malatinszky: Overview of the european lime tree cult and the greatest lime trees

J. Bárcziné Kapovits, A. Csemez, Á. Sallay: Landscape architectural research and development of greenways in Hungary

Z. Mravcsik, K. Harmos, Á. Malatinszky: Studies of botany and landscape history of abandoned grapeyards in the Northern Cserhát hills, Hungary


K. Feiden: The eContentplus-PROJECT „GS SOIL”

Centeri Csaba: BIOBIO – Indicators for biodiversity in organic and low-input farming systems