2011. Vol. 09., Issue 1. – Free download, all articles (pdf)

Hungarian articles with English abstract


B. Szabó, C. Centeri, M. Vona: Examination of landscape changes at Turai Pasture Nature Conservation Area and its surroundings through military survey maps

G. Takács: Hangels in landscape transformation and land cover in the Hanság over the 18th–19th centuries

Z. Túri: Investigation of landscape pattern in the tiszazug region

T. Baics C. Centeri: Hydrological problems of salty lakes around Kiskunhalas, reasons and possible solutions of providing water supply of the Sós-tó

K. Filepné Kovács , A. Egyed: Reviving of natural networks in Hungary

A. Sallay, Zs. Boromisza: Shore assessment at the gravel pit ponds of Délegyháza

M. Papp: Vergleichende untersuchungen von Waldränder mit versiedenen ausrichtungen am beispiel eines Steineiche-Traubeneiche Gemischwaldes

Laila M. H. Abusriwil, Hosam E.A.F. Bayoumi Hamuda, Alaelddin A. Elfoughi: Seed germination, growth and metal uptake of Medicago sativa L. grown in heavy metal contaminated clay loam brown forest soil

C. Centeri, F. Gyulai: The history of nature conservation between 1966 and 1970 (designation of protected areas)

Dávid Lóránt: Szabó József, a hazai tájak geográfus tudósa 70 éves

Ákos Pető, Attila Barczi: Phytolith profile cadastre of the most significant and abundant soil types of Hungary IV. Results of the examined chernozem and alkaline soil profiles

P. Földesi, Cs. Gyuricza: Examination of soil agronomical structure in field experiments