2011. Vol. 9., Issue 2. – Free download, all articles (pdf)

Hungarian articles with English abstract


N. Riezing: Forests of the Eastern Kisalföld: Land-use history and vegetation

B. Geiger, D. Saláta, Á. Malatinszky: Studies on the landscape history of the wood pasture near kisgombos, Hungary

Sz. Faggyas: Nature conservation issues concerning the recultivation of the landfill of Nemesnádudvar

T. Miglécz, K. Tóth: Is the grassland restoration a vital solution for weed control? Some findings from a large scale grassland restoration case study in the Hortobágy National Park

M. Papp: Vergleichende untersuchungen von Waldränder mit verschiedenen ausrichtungen am beispiel eines steineiche-traubeneiche Gemischwaldes

A. Sallai, M. Harcsa, L. Szemán, A. Percze: Effects of grazing and mowing used in the flood-prevention banks

Sz. Szabó: Neighbourhood related landscape metricsMethodological evaluation of the indices

F. Kovács: GIS assessment of hidrogeographical changes of nature conservation area with comparison of short and long term analysis

D. Surányi: Ecological fruit growing in changing of growing regions and districts

A. I. Csathó: Differences between the vegetation of primary and secondary vergesExamples of the Gránic and Csárda-dűlő, Battonya

M. Biró: Use of landscape change maps to study ten years habitat transformation of the Kiskunság region, Hungary

A. Baranyai-Nagy, Zs. Baranyai: Landscape history of the riverside alder forests in Sopron Mountains (W Hungary)

Zs. Molnár: The oxbow-lakestyping based landscape structure in the Lower Tisza Valley

Matej Mojses, Martin Boltižiar: Using Spatial Metrics for Assessment of the Landscape Structure Changes of the Beša Dry Polder

A. Őrsi: New trends in geodiverity studies

G. Szabó, Z. Zimmermann, S. Bartha, Sz. Szentes, Zs. Sutyinszki, K. Penksza:

A. Emőd i, M. Hartman, I. Tirczka: The Analysis of the possible reintroduction of einkorn (Triticum monococcum) and EMMER (Triticum dicoccum) into production

A. Tóth, Á. Balogh, B. Wichmann, J. Berke, F. Gyulai, P. Penksza, I. Dancza, Á. Kenéz, J. Schellenberger, K. Penksza: Weeds investigations on sandy arable lands in Pest country (alfalfa fields) I.

Sz. Szentes, Zs. Sutyinszki, Z. Zimmermann, G. Szabó, I. Járdi, J. Házi, K. Penksza, S. Bartha: Microcoenological studies on the effects of old world bluestem (Bothriochloa ischaemum (L. ) Keng 1936) on beta-diversity