2012. Vol. 10., Issue 1. – Free download, all articles (pdf)

Hungarian articles with English abstract


P. Csontos, D. Chmura, A. Sándor: Seed mass of biogeographically distinct populations of Impatiens parviflora DC.

R. Balogh, J. Dezső, G. Kovaliczky: Preliminary results of the geoarcheological survey conducted before the archaeological excavatrion at Belvárdgyula. Reconstruction of Landscape Evolution in the Floodplain of Karasica

G. Balázs, V. Grónás, M. Heltai, N. Bleier: The application of the Flight Safety Index in the land use planning of the Liszt Ferenc International Airpor regarding to the hazardous bird species

B. Teleki: Phytogeographycal data for identifying the climazonal vegetation of the eastern part of Völgység and Tolnai-hegyhát

T. Bók, A. Molnár, T. J. Novák, Zs. Végvár i: Threat factors affecting the borderline of the Hortobágy National Park

Zs. Kozma, Zs. Derts, M. Kardos, L. Koncsos: The value of agricultural crops as an ecosystem service: calculation methodology connected to a hydrological model

É. Pádárné Török: NaturschutzÖkoturismus − Gemenc

Á. Pető, A. Barczi: Phytolith profile cadastre of the most significant and abundant soil types of Hungary V. Results of the examined meadow and alluvial soil profiles

I. Havasi, D. Benő: Comparison of traditional and fuzzy unsupervised classification on the basis of vegetation index

A. Rákóczi: Our unique landscape values, the sweep-pole vells in Hungary in terms of EU regulations. Heritage or curse?

Sz. Tóth, Á. Szijártó, G. Kiss: Analysis of unique landscape feature database from the aspects of landscape prevention

G. Korponai: Nature Conservation in Japan

M. Kósa-Kovács, F. Sebők, S. Szoboszlay, B. Kriszt, C. Dobolyi: Termophilic fungal communities in soils and litter of forest reservation of Vár-hegy

A. Veres, A. Kotán, K. Fetykó, Sz. Orosz, M: Szalai, S. Otto, D. Bohan, C. Lavigne, F. Tóth: Factors influencing the abundance of predatory Orius species (Heteroptera: Aanthocoriadae) in the landscape