2013. Vol. 11., Issue 1. – Free download, all articles (pdf)

Hungarian articles with English abstract


D. Štefunková, J. Špulerová, M. Dobrovodská, M. Mojses, F. Petrovič: Traditional agricultural landscapes – a model of detailed land use mapping

B. Szabó, M. Vona, G. Gelencsér, A. Akác, Zs. Dobó: Pedological and hydrological researches at the Koppány-Valley Habitat Rehabilitation Experimental Area - possibilities of nature conservation area development

T. Baics: Landscape and water level changes in the Kunfehértó region

D. Saláta, Á. Pető, Á. Kenéz, B. Geiger, S. Horváth, Á. Malatinszky: Applying multidisciplinary approach in landscape historical research – the case study of kisgombos wood pasture

Sz. Bőti, M. Heltai: Study on the occurrence of passerine bird species, and the factors influencing it in an inhabited populated area, Jászfényszaru

E. Pirkhoffer, Sz. Czigány, P. Hegedűs, L. Balatonyi, D. Lóczy: Impact of soil properties on runoff conditions in a small low-mountain watershed

A. Horváth, P. Szűcs, O. Kámán, E. Németh, A. Bidló: Examination of urban soils in Sopron

J. Tamás, P. Csontos: Wild growing flora of Pusztaszabolcs and its surroundings, a typical agricultural region of Central-Hungary

I. Bélteki: Adaptability of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) varieties to conditions of Mátra region

Z. Kende: Estimating an effect by nature conservation perspectives of a future remediation in a landfill nearby Kiskunhalas

C. Centeri, F. Gyulai: The history of nature conservation between 1971 and 1975 (Designation pf protected areas)

D. Száz, T. Herczeg: New results ont he polarotactic behaviour of tabanids (Tabanidae)

A. Kruse, M. Roth: „Landscape inventories as means to understand landscape change” – A summary of the special eucaland session at the 25th PECSRL conference