2013. Vol. 11., Issue 2. – Free download, all articles (pdf)

Hungarian article with English abstract

Á. Fehér, K. Katona: Spontaneously developing forests and the impact of large herbivores: an opportunity for sustainable management

A. Gergely, A. Tenk: The landscape-reclamation results of the Tamariska-hill protected area in Csepel

I. János, L. Szathmáry: Palaeodemographic changes in  the Tiszántúl in the 10th-13th century

K. Katona, M. Hajdu, A. Farkas, L. Szemthy: Preferential browsing impact in an uneven-aged beech forest in Hungary

V. Kerényi-Nagy, L. Bakay, É. I. Bőhm: Rose, hawthorn and pear datas to hont historical county

A. Laborczi, Zs. Bakacsi, J. Szabó, L. Pásztor: Conversion and regionalization of spatial soil information to estimate ecological habitat classes

Z. Melečková, D. Dítě, P. Eliáš Jr.: Plant communities of Carex divisa Huds. in Slovakia: past and present

M. E. Shalaby, N. M. El-Khateeb, M. Óbert, K. Posta: Starch hydrolyses and laccase activity of heat tolerant mushroom isolate

M. Selmeci, M. Höhn, D. Saláta: Studies on the landscape history of the Tölgy-erdő in Lébény

K. F. Kovács, I. Valászki, Á. Sallay, S. Jombach: Integration of landscape planning and protection in the spatial planning practices of European countries

N. Ujházy, M. Biró: Changes of wetland habitats in the territory of Szabadszállás, Hungary

I. Demeter, M. Makádi, T. Aranyos, A. Ferenczy, K. Posta: Microbial and chemical investigations of soils in organic and conventional farming in Nyírség region

M. Molnár, Sz. Czóbel, Zs. Medziharadszky, A. Barczi: The vegetaion of the Sárrét basin of Fejér county in the late-pleistocene and holocene

Á. Tirászi, V. Terpó, É. Komkoly-Gyuró: Test landscape change past and present photographic evidence periode under Fertő

P. Csontos, T. Kalapos, J. Tamás: Seed trait databasesecological applications

M. Patocskai, T. Győrfi: Greenhouse gas emissions of population and opportunities of neutralis

J. Oláhová, M. Vojtek, M. Boltižiar: Application of geoinformation technologies for the assesment of landscape structure using landscape-ecological indexes (case study of the Handlová landslide)

Á. P. Gyovai, Zs. Kollár, E. Peti, B. Horváth, I. Oláh, O. Szalkovszki, B. Baktay: Landraces in the Zemplén mountains the first target area of the collection mission program 2013-2014

P. Trenyik, J. Borcsa-Bodolay, M. Molnár, A. Barczi, Sz. Czóbel: Comparative study of diversity of different-aged sessile oak stands in the Börzsöny mountains

Zs. Sutyinkszki, Sz. Szentes, Z. Katona, E. Puszta, Á. Marinkás, K. Penksza: Studies on the vegetation and the landscape history of verges near Kondoros