2014. Vol. 12., Issue 1. – Free download, all articles (pdf)

Hungarian articles with English abstract


I. Kiss, V. Alexa: The industrial waste landfillsChallanges regarding the siderurgical slag dumps located in Hunedoara municipality


G. Türk, J. Prokisch: Study of some water chemical variables, sodium and arsenic concentration in a section of the Upper-Tisza region


V. Alexa, I. Kiss: The pollutants monitoring in the industrial wastewatersA case study conducted in Resiţa municipality, Caraş Severin county, Romania


E. Miókovics, Zs. Sutyinkszki , J. Bódis: Status assessment of Balatonkeresztúri-rétek (Somogy, Hungary): a landscape history and land use based approach


G. Jakab, L. Takács: Landscape evolution processes due to changes in land use a case study


I. Oláh, Cs. Szigetvári: Survey on the close-to-natural habitats of the Rétköz microregion, Hungary


Zs. Tóth: Introduction of the Ráckevei (Soroksári) Riverbranch of Danube focusing on environmental aspects based on hydro-biological data


A. Rákóczi, A. Barczi: Protected landscape elements in the Europaean Union and the Hungarian effect of the regulation in the look of the kurgans


Sz. Szanyi, K. Katona, I. A. Rácz: Preliminary data on the Orthoptera fauna of the beregszász Hills (Transcarpathia, Ukraine)


J. Fekete: Data to genetics of fossil red soils in Hungary


Cs. Ficsor, Á. Malatinszky: State of horse logging, a sustainable timber transportation method in hungarian forests


E. Krausz, D. Saláta, Á. Pető, A. Bidló: The historical landscape of the Cikola watershed system. An analysis of landscape changes of Perkáta–Forás-dűlő archaeological site and its surroundings


Gy. Orosz, A. Emődi, M. Hartman: Horticultural pilotproject of the social economy in Szigetmonostor


G. Csicsek, A. Ortmann Ajkai, D. Lóczy: Research of recultivated coal mining spoil heap in SW-Hungary


A. Hágen: Assessment of the Jurassic limestone and Miocene conglomerate exposures of Monyoród in terms of Earth Science Conservation


G. Tóth, K. Rajkai, K. Bódis, F. Máté: Land quality of the geographical microregions in Hungary based on the D-e-Meter cropland evaluation


L. Patkó, N. Ujhegyi, M. Heltai: Hair determination from bird nests in urban environments


B. Almási, E. Csákvári, A. Demeter, B. Major, L. Molnár, E. Nagy, Z. Piszker, E. Poller, D. Sarlós, D. Ursu, T. Vincze: The history of nature conservation between 1976 and 1980 (designation of protected areas)


D. Surányi: Dissemination of quince in Hungary


G. Jakab: Summary


Cs. Centeri: 7th EUCALAND Meeting, Prague, Czech Republic, 16–18th of March