2014. Vol. 12., Issue 2. – Free download, all articles (pdf)

Hungarian article with English abstract


I. Kádár, P. Ragályi, L. Szemán, P. Csontos: Effects of nutrition on the development and species composition of a 12 years old experimental grassland in Mezőföld, Hungary


I. Cseresnyés, J. Tamás: Evaluation of Austrian pine (Pinus nigra) plantations in Hungary with respect to nature conservation A review


G. Bakó, Zs. Molnár, E. Góber: Raster layers for urban gis and decision support systemsexperiences of the latest municipal orthophoto surveys in Hungary


V. Nagy, G. Keszthelyi-Szabó: As energetics serve the sustainability, or emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of energetics by microwave assisted biodiesel production


Z. Oszkocsil: Landscape changes in the grapes of Putnok town


Hosam E.A.F. Bayoumi Hamuda: Changing in organic carbon dynamics and biological activities in clay loam brown forest soil by application of municipal sewage sludge


Zs. Sutyinszki, Sz. Szentes: Monitoring the habitat of protected plant species in vergas near Kondoros SE Hungary)


M. Molnár, I. János, L. Szűcs, L. Szathmáry: Morfological and craniometrical presentation of some artificially deformed crania from the hun-germanic period


D. Dedák, P. G. Sulyán: Landscape changes in vine yards of the Cserhát Hills


G. Loksa: Interpretation of the climate change in the Carpathian basin


E. Tóth: Preparation of Unique Landscape Values Register of Sámsonháza (Šámšonház)


I. Kiss, V. Alexa: The ecological restoration of mountain habitats by artifical regeneration


V. Vaszócsik, A. Göncz. K. schneller, P. Tóth, R. Prokai: First steps to setting up the Hungarian spatal planning support system for the implementation of the green infrastructure network concept


B. Almási, A. Demeter, A. Hollósi, B. Major, K. Marton, P. Merza, L. Molnár, E. Nagy, Z. Piszker, E. F. Poller, D. sarlós, D. Ursu, T. Vincze: Surveying the locally protected tree line of Gödöllő


M. Roth: Renwable energy and landscape quality – a Pan-European cost-action