2015. Vol. 13., Issue 2. – Free download, all articles (pdf)



A. Demeter, D. Sarlós, J. Skutai, I. Tirczka, G. Ónodi, Sz. Czóbel: Economic valuation of selected invasive species


Zs. Fehér: Landscape-history of grasslands surround the Naszály and the examination of their natural status


R. Dóka: Land-use anomalies of water affected areas in the middle part of Duna-Tisza interfluve (Hungary)


A. Gulácsi, F. Kovács: Drought monitoring with spectral indices calculated from modis satellite images in Hungary


T. Berecz, L. Fehér, G. Gyovai, K. Hága, I. G. Kazinczy, P. Lipták, G. Pápay, J., Petrovszki, V. J. Prohászka, S. Ruff, Á. Szakács, M. M. Mészáros, K. Zs. Kiszel: The history of nature conservation between 1981 and 1985 (designation of protected areas)


COST TU1401 - Spring Meeting 2015, Lisbon