2017. 15. évf. 2. számingyenesen letölthető cikkek (pdf)

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2017. Vol. 15., Issue 2. – Free download, all articles (pdf)

Hungarian articles with English abstract, English articles with Hungarian abstract



Gergely JAKAB, Gergely KARSAI, Zoltán SZALAI, Judit SZABÓ: Nitrate loss from fertilized crop fields: does slope steepness matter?


János MIKA, Andrea FARKAS: Sensitivity of inland water bodies, natural vegetation and agriculture to weather extremes and to climate change


Attila BARCZI, Viktor GRÓNÁS, Valéria NAGY: Land use changes of the Tihany Peninsula


Klaudia MÁTÉ, Ágnes SALLAY, Zsuzsanna MIKHÁZI: Delineation of the Balaton Upland


Júlia TAMÁS, Zsolt ŐSI, Péter CSONTOS: Bark stripping by red deer was found in the vicinity of Budakeszi – a kind of game damage formerly received little attention


Zsófia DOBÓ, Izabella OLÁH, Róbert FARKAS: Using measurements of soil probes to help landscape management in different Hungarian regions


Péter SZILASSI: Land cover variability and the changes of land cover pattern in landscape units of Hungary


Bohumil FRANTÁL, Dan VAN DER HORST, Josef KUNC, Martina JAŇUROVÁ: Landscape disruption or just a lack of economic benefits? Exploring factors behind the negative perceptions of wind turbines


Lóránt DÁVID: Introduction of the Geographical Bulletin, leading journal of Hungarian Geography


Péter SZILASSI: Short description of the 7th Hungarian Landscape Ecology Conference


PIRKÓ Béla: World Day of Soils


Historical landscape – landscape archeology: results and perspectives in the Hungarian landscape archeological research


CENTERI Csaba: PECSRL Conference in 2016 „Mountains, uplands, lowlands. European landscapes from an altitudinal perspective”


BENEDIKTSSON, Karl: COST-RELY Training School about policy and planning for renewable energy